Gravotech - ID Tags engraving

ID tags and plate marking

Choose a laser or mechanical engraving solution for your tag identification marking. Guaranteed permanent result, even in harsh industrial environments.

The identification plate gives all the necessary information about a product, a machine, equipment, stock or anything. Identification and traceability are essential in all sectors where this type of identification plates are used, both in the legibility of the marking and in the resistance of the material over time. We find identification plates of various sizes which can contain logo, brand, coordinates or references, serial numbers, text, pictograms or symbols. The industrial marking of the identification plate can be carried out on different materials:

  • stainless steel
  • aluminium
  • anodized aluminium
  • brass
  • plastic / vinyl

Gravotech provides solutions for the marking of your identification parts to meet your requirements in terms of marking quality, the volume of plates to be marked, and thus ensure increased productivity whatever your industry:

  • asset tags & asset labels
  • wire rope & chain sling tags
  • aluminium cable ties (slot & tongue tags)
  • utility pole tags
  • survey washers & survey tags
  • valve tags
  • electrical identification & cabinets
  • elevator tags & inspection tags
  • IT & Telecoms
  • light gauge tags
  • plumber tags
  • lead apron id tags
  • automotive tags
  • aerospace & defence tags
  • boat tags

Choose the right ID plate engraving machine

Galvanometric lasers are synonym of speed and silence. They can be upgraded with an APF for batch production and react with any tag material. Gantry lasers are ideal to load a wide quantity of plates on the table and engrave and cut them all in one go.

    Lasertrace ™ and T08: dedicated to industrial identification. ABC: ideal for a simple unit tag (create a job in a few seconds). Gravostyle: embeds a Matrix mode for batch productivity and a settings library for engraving and cutting

    4 engraving technologies, from laser to rotary

    Laser engraving - anodized aluminum plaque

    Galvanometric (or Galvo) are the fastest lasers for marking, they can do unit or batches engravings but they cannot cut. Contrary to mechanical machines, they naturally create a contrast with the plastic or metallic raw material (no need for bi-layers) according to the laser source and material composition.

    See our galvo lasers for ID plate engraving.

    Laser marking and cutting of plastics

    Gantry laser are XY laser tables, they are slower than Galvo lasers for engraving only, but can host a large material sheet on their table and transform it into a batch of tags by engraving and cutting it very easily with the Matrix mode. They can create a natural contrast with most plastic or metallic.

    ID Tags engraving

    CNC engravers are ideal for an aesthetical and deep engraving. Moreover, this technology allows both engraving and cutting and is the only one to create straight or bevelled edges. The small model is perfect to start a plate business thanks to its multipurpose and capacity. The large models will allow working in batches (engrave and cut several tags in one go).

    Identification engraving

    Dot Peen is the fastest mechanical technology to engrave ID tags. They are cheaper than lasers, but still very fast, so they represent the ideal mechanical solution for a reduced budget when the need is to engrave ID plates.

    ID plate engraving automation with the APF

    ID Tags for pipes

    Gravotech offers in its catalogue labels ready to be engraved on standard industrial formats and in different materials (wire cables 425 430, flat machine, electrical cabinet type 440, etc...) and the elements for attaching them (adhesive on the back, ball chains, SST frame, etc...). For formats not available in the catalogue, our “Cut To Size” workshop can manufacture batches of customised labels for your customers.

    Gravotech machines make it easy to engrave these plates: the self-centring tables and vices automatically position the plates, surface tracking nose ensure a constant depth and repeatability for small batches. Of course, our equipment can engrave any plate from Gravotech or not.

    Gravotech offers 2 kinds of software, both can handle text, logos, barcodes and 2D code:

    • For unit engraving, our software allows the creation of a plate very easily in less than 1 minute.
    • For batch engraving, our unit Matrix mode allows to repeat the marking template and just change the values by using variables, counters, shifts, timecode, database, etc.


    See our engraving machines to mark batches and units.

    Settings of Gravostyle Software

    Gravotech offers a complete solution to industrialize the production of tags. This manufacturing process will strongly increase your margin by turning a standard plain material sheet into hundreds of high added value tags.

    Start with a very large blank plate, use Gravostyle™ to create one tag and the Matrix mode to easily multiply it on the whole plate surface. Data from all the tags can be similar or automatically loaded from a database, Excel file, CSV, etc. Send the order to the machine and come back a few minutes after to retrieve the finished tags ready to be used.

    Gravotech offers large blank material with 2 layers ready to be engraved and cut at the exact size of the engraving machine. The first layer is to be removed to let the bottom layer appear and create a clear contrast. Several colours and materials are available for inside or outside application. Other options are available, like adhesive-backed plates.

    Laser or Rotary tables can both engrave and cut in the same operation. Other features can be easily done with the combination software and machine, like drilling or fixing holes. Rotary engravers are also capable of doing a straight edge or bevelled edge finishing on the tags. Laser formats are adapted to full, half or quarter sheet size. Rotary large tables will also be able to host the material with even a small additional margin.

    Automatisation of your identification plate marking

    Gravotech offers a complete range of identification plate and labels ready to mark. Up to 6 sizes and styles In different thicknesses are available to suit your production requirements.

    Do you need a solution adapted to the marking of identification plates, easy to use and accessible to your operators without specific training while increasing your productivity? Couple our range of ready-to-print nameplates to our marking machines equipped with our Automatic Plate Feeder (APF) accessory and turn your machine into a productive batch engraver.

    Automatic Plate Feeder is an essential technique when processing production and batch quantities of machine plates, tags, ID plates. A conveyor takes the plates from the rack where they are stored to the engraving area, which marks.

    Once engraved, they are stored at the end of the chain in a fully automated way. Ideal for engraving batches of plates, badges, labels, tags. Up to 195 plates in one go. Automatic plate feeder accessory (APF) is compatible with our dot peen and laser stations.