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Leather and fake leather laser engraving

Easily engrave and personalise leather and synthetic leather items with Gravotech dedicated laser solutions. Suitable for in-store and e-commerce applications.

Leather is a very noble material, that has always been decorated and transformed through the ages. Nowadays, personalization with a laser is very popular, as it is easy to personalize and the result is immediately nice. CO2 lasers naturally give a contrasted dark marking to the leather, which emphasizes its natural beauty and lasts for a long time. As a result, the added value of the item increases and it is directly ready for sale. Leather laser engraving is a very precise process, it enables you to create patterns that can’t be obtained with other leather personalization techniques such as embossing, carving, hot stamping, embroidery, etc.

Gravotech offers solutions for cutting and engraving leather for both raw or treated leather (Suede leather, Nubuck, napped leather) and similar textiles such as leatherette, Alcantara and other imitation leathers. Personalization of Fashion accessories: wallet, bracelets, bags, belts, patches, shoes Prototyping of leather clothes & accessories Promotional items Arts & Crafts: interior decoration, scrapbooking, photo frame, personal items, etc.

Why choose laser for leather personalisation

Leather bracelet engraving and cutting

Our CO2 laser engraver can cut up to 7mm thick leather or imitation leather sheets. As the laser burns the edge of the material, there is no unravelling effect, which increases the lifetime of the item and its aesthetics. For leather cutting, we recommend using a blowing nose to keep the lens clean longer and avoid the number of cleanings necessary.

Leather engraving : baseball

Laser is the most competitive solution to personalise leather items, as it does not need any physical tool, like hot stamping. It also is faster than other versatile technologies such as knife cutting or embroidery.

Finally, there is no need to treat the material after cutting or engraving with a laser, it is directly ready for its new owner.

Customise leather luggage tag

Raw leather processed with a CO2 laser engraver is a natural burn reaction with no artificial chemical emanation. Moreover, as there is no contact between the lens and the material, contrary to knife cutting, there is no wear part, so no consumable.

In the case of imitation leather, make sure that it is PVC free inside. Then, Gravotech strongly recommends the use of its fume exhaust that benefits from High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters, that will remove harmful fumes and return clean air.

Discover Gravotech's leather laser engraving machines

Gravotech offers a range of large flatbed lasers to process batches of items or a compact galvanometric laser for in-shop application to personalize the item in front of your customer and create a special moment.

Introducing the magic of laser engraving to your business. The Welase achieves personalisation of the highest quality in a matter of seconds and raises your customers curiosity.

WeLase compact laser engraver



Desktop laser engraver for gift engraving and part marking


The LS100 is an easy to operate laser engraver and laser cutter to mark and cut a wide range of materials....

LS100 CO2 laser engraver



CO2 laser engraver and laser cutter for signage and personalisation


The LS900 industrial laser engraver, coming as CO2, Fibre or Edge (dual sources), is ideal for high speed marking and cutting of medium and large format media.

LS900 co2 fiber laser



The large laser cutter and laser engraver


GREEN laser marker is designed for complex and cold markings on materials not reactive to other wavelengths....

Green laser - integrated laser

GREEN laser


GREEN laser, high speed laser for micro marking, reflective material marking and sensitive plastic marking


The CO2 laser marker is perfectly suited for organic materials permanent marking....

CO2 Laser - integrated laser

CO2 laser


CO2 laser, High-speed laser marker for identification marking on organic materials and coated surfaces


The LS100EX laser etching machine is a medium-sized engraving and cutting laser. Its engraving area matches the size of ¼ sheet, making it the ideal sign solution....

LS100Ex co2 laser marking machine

LS100 EX


LS100 EX, laser etching machine for signage and small series


    Our Gravostyle™ software benefits from an embedded library that automatically adapts the laser settings to the material for very easy use. You can also design your patterns directly on Gravostyle, but our lasers can also be driven by third-party software (CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, etc.).