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Consumables datasheets

The use of chemical products is subject to the regulation of the hazardous substances. You may find safety data sheets on this page. Please read carefully before using any chemical product.

Engraving supplies

Datasheets for engraving supplies

Products Safety datasheet
Cermark Paste
Cermark Spray
Cold Wax Pencil
Cleaning diluent (ref.19468)
Application diluent (ref.19469)
Gilding wax
Metal Marker G
Thermark Paste
Thermark Spray
Thermark Tape


Products Safety datasheet
Semi adhesive spray glue


Products Safety datasheet
Engraving gel
Soluble oil
Tarfil AT


Products Safety datasheet
Laser Optics cleaner
Odorless mineral spirit
Universal cleaner


What are technical or safety datasheets?

The technical datasheet (TDS) provides information on the composition, technical characteristics and conditions of use of our products.

The safety datasheet (SDS) is a document that includes the information necessary to prevent accidents and ensure safety when using a preparation or a hazardous (chemical) substance. This document informs professionals who use this type of product in their daily work of the risks involved. Provided by the supplier or distributor, this document must be available for all hazardous products sold.

The regulation on hazardous substances requires the provision of the safety data sheet to the end user. Gravotech goes even further in its requirement to provide information to end users and has decided to provide safety data sheets even for materials intended for engraving (not subject to hazardous substances).

You can find SDS for the following items:

  • Materials for laser engraving: plastics, acrylics, metallics and wood.
  • Materials for mechanical engraving: plastics, metallics, phenolics.
  • Engraving supplies: lubricants, cleaning agents, adhesives and colouring products.

SDS are the responsibility of Gravotech and must be translated by an accredited institution*.

* Information is provided as a guide only.