Gravotech - LS900 large laser engraver

LS900, the large laser cutter and laser engraver

The LS900 industrial laser engraver, coming as CO2, Fibre or Edge (dual sources), is ideal for high speed marking and cutting of medium and large format media.
  • Large format laser cutter & engraver
    It is the only engraving surface on the market that allows you not only to work with standard semi-full sheets (610 x 610mm) but also take advantage of the 250mm height z-axis, making bulky objects engraving easier than ever.
  • High-speed laser engraver
    The LS900 range engraves up to 4m/sec which makes it a major asset to improve your productivity. With a choice between step motors or brushless motor, you will find the ideal laser engraving machine tailored for your projects and needs.
  • Unlimited possibilities
    Mark and cut anything with the choice of laser source: Fibre for metals, CO2 for organics and minerals or Edge, combining Fibre and CO2 technologies. Add colours to your creations thanks to the Print & Cut feature, which comes as standard. The ideal fablab machine!


Technical Specifications

Point & shoot
Easily position the item to cut or engrave in your laser etching machine.

Automatic vertical adjustment - no need to spend hour on setting up your laser cutter before launching the process

Automatic Z Axis

Automatic exhaust: air assist

Step motors (XP Only): we use high spec stepping motors with in-house made control board to achieve better results than most competitors (proven by good samples), with lower breakdown risk and lower maintenance cost.


Source laser
CO2, Fibre, Edge
Available power version
40W - 60W - 80W
Ideal as
Acrylic laser cutting machine
Laser engraver for metal
Fablab machine
Large laser engraver

Marking Capacity

Marking area max (l x w)
610 mm x 610 mm
Available lenses
1.5'' - 2.0'' - 2.5'' - 3.5'' - 4.0''
Max object height
250 mm

Laser Source / Technology

CO2, Fiber, Edge

Max. object weight

25 kg (55.2 lb)

Dimensions (L x W x H)

945 mm x 1080 mm x 810 mm (37.2 in x 42.5 in x 31.9 in)

Machine weight

From 170 kg to 240 kg (from 374.8 lb to 529.1 lb)

Automatic Z axis

250 mm (9.8 in)

Noise level

≤ 70 dB

Point & shoot


Operating Temperature

10 °C - 35 °C (50°F - 95 °F)

Connection to computer


Maximum speed

up to 4000 mm/s (157.5 in/s)

Laser safety classification

CDRH: Class 2

Beam diameter

0.1 mm to 0.4mm (0,004 in to 0,016 in)



Mark many type of materials thanks to the edge technology

Increase your productivity by adopting Edge technology to engrave metals, wood, leather, most plastics or even all of them in just one cycle.

Easily select the materials in Gravostyle software. The LS900 EDGE laser etching machine automatically switches from one source to the other when engraving or cutting.

The ideal fablab machine, also suitable for sign makers and industrial suppliers making this a great investment to your growing business: identification plates, signage, industrial parts, trophies... All with the same machine!

Gravotech  laser marking machine

This high productivity CO2 laser cutter & engraver is perfect for demanding engraving and cutting applications.

These large format laser cutters are great for acrylic laser cutting, and perfect to engrave and cut a large choice of materials: wood, leather, paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, rubber, marble, stone, granite, foam, and many more!

The LS900XP laser takes advantage of its brushless motors reaching speeds of up to 4 meters/sec. Combined with the matrix mode you have the perfect solution for signage.

Laser engraver for metal

LS900 Fibre laser engraver is perfect for engraving directly onto a large range of metal and some plastic (Gravoply Ultra, Acrylic, ABS, etc.) parts and plates without using marking spray with precision and guaranteed contrast on all your workpieces.

From batch identification plates to individual industrial parts the LS900 Fibre makes it simple with the possibility of providing serial numbers made in the software and the large work area and pass-through, making those difficult to fit parts a thing of the past.

This laser cutter & engraver can process 25+ materials

Electrical and medical ceramic
Glass, crystal
Paper​​, cardboard, cork
Stone​, granite​, marble
Wood​​, varnished wood
PMMA, Acrylic
Anodized Aluminum​​
Coated metal
Gold, silver, nickel, platinum
Stainless steel​​
= Marking / Etching
= Engraving / Deep marking
= Cutting

Associated Products

Flexibility and performance for indoor and outdoor applications

Gravoply™ Laser - Laser engraving material - Gravograph

Gravoply™ Laser

Laser materials: Plastics

Flexibility and performance for indoor and outdoor applications


Effectiveness, productivity, precision, and durability are signature features of this engraving material.

Gravoply™ Ultra - Laser engraving material - Gravograph

Gravoply™ Ultra

Laser materials: Plastics

Effectiveness, productivity, precision, and durability are signature features of this engraving material.


Laser material for a high-end metallic finish

Gravolase™ Metallics - Laser engraving material - Gravograph

Gravolase™ Metallics

Laser materials: Metallics

Laser material for a high-end metallic finish


The outdoor acrylic material for upscale architectural signage

Gravoglas™ 1 - Laser engraving material - Gravograph

Gravoglas™ 1

Laser materials: Acrylics

The outdoor acrylic material for upscale architectural signage


Let your creativity flow!

Acrylics - Laser engraving material - Gravograph


Laser materials: Acrylics

Let your creativity flow!


Think Green. Go Green.

Laser Wood - Laser engraving material - Gravograph

Laser Wood

Laser materials: Wood

Think Green. Go Green.


The aluminium range dedicated to engraving and cutting

Gravoxal™ - Engraving material - Gravograph


Rotary materials: Metallics

The aluminium range dedicated to engraving and cutting


The coloured aluminium for a striking contrast

Colored Aluminum - Engraving material - Gravograph

Colored Aluminum

Rotary materials: Metallics

The coloured aluminium for a striking contrast


The material in watchmaking-quality brass for outdoor use

Gravbrass™ Exterior - Engraving material - Gravograph

Gravbrass™ Exterior

Rotary materials: Metallics

The material in watchmaking-quality brass for outdoor use


    LS900: An award-winning laser machine

    LS900, the result of Gravograph historical expertise


    Our historical brand Gravograph started marketing laser engravers and cutters in the late 1990s. Its engineers have worked hard to gain in-depth knowledge and practical expertise of this new engraving and cutting method.

    In 2001, the Gravograph team developed the L-Solution line of lasers in 2001 and created high-end laser machines with many features: automatic safety shutter, controlled table movements, X-ray beam...

    The LS900 is one of our latest LS range machines as it has been launched in 2004. As a result of 30 years of experience, the LS900 Energy has been awarded by SGIA (Specialty Graphic Imaging Association) in 2017: it won “Product of the Year” in the category “Finishing – Equipment – Routers/Cutters”. A great recognition of Gravograph's hard work to offer the best laser machines since 2001.

    LS900 - laser cutter - Gravograph

    Service & Support

    We offer solutions for the installation and commissioning of your equipment that fit your settings and expectations. Do you want to be autonomous? We will provide you with our standard operating procedures with training videos available on our online support centre. Do you wish to have our technicians present alongside your teams? We visit on-site for commissioning with our experts working hand in hand with you.

    Gravotech Services

    Our training modules are designed to optimize your use of our solutions and are available for our full range of machines, software and accessories and are designed to fit the level and profiles of the training participants, available online, remotely, or onsite and at our training facilities. Training is a fully integrated part of the commissioning of our solutions.

    Training & commissioning

    All our machines are warranted 24 months for the supply of spare parts and the cost of in house labour performed at GRAVOTECH’s premises. We offer warranty extensions and additional service benefits according to your needs. Developed to fit your requirements precisely, we also offer,

    • Standard or customized service contracts
    • Global service contract
    • Software service contract
    • Preventive or curative maintenance contract.

    Our local technical sales representative is available to provide you with all the necessary information.

    Gravotech engraving machine warranty

    We bring you local support in your language in more than 50 countries, where we have established presence directly and with our distribution partners. Each of these local teams can, in turn, get support from a regional competence centre close to our production locations and in direct link with our group international support centre based in France, in close connection to our R&D centre. This makes us efficient and reactive to your needs for assistance. With the expertise of our support, we can address 80% of your requests remotely, for a quick resolution that secures the service continuity of your operations.

    Technical support

    Thanks to experience gathered with Gravograph and Technifor and our global presence in more than 50 countries with 150 Gravotech technicians and our distributor partners, we can offer you a wide range of services. Developed to fit your requirements precisely, we offer standard or customized services: -

    • Global service contract
    • Software service contract
    • Preventive or curative maintenance contract.