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Pet tag engraving

Engrave and customise pet tags with Gravotech complete pet tag engraving solution.

Cat and dog tags help identifying a lost animal by providing useful information such as their name and the owner's contact details, and can be personalised with emojis or drawings.

By offering immediate personalisation services expand your business, boost your sales, and generate significant ROI.

Gravotech addresses all practical and aesthetic requirements with a range of solutions: laser and rotary pet tag engraving machines, dedicated software, blank tags and medals (anodised aluminium, stainless steel, and brass), as well as colouring products for advanced customisation.

Our pet tag engraving machines

Our M20 cat and dog tag engraving machine is a lightweight and compact solution, ideal for in-store usage. The M20 is using a diamond tip or a cutting tool to create a groove in the metallic tag. It creates a long lasting engraving, with a shiny traditional aspect.

Even if our standard jigs can be used to hold tags and medals, we offer dedicated jigs for these products, that will be even easier to use and save time. 

Make it easy to personalise pet tags by using our G-Eye camera! Our accessory allows you to preview the engraving and place it accurately where you want on the pet tag quickly no matter the shape and the engraving space.

Our WeLase laser pet tag engraving machine features a sleek design that makes it ideal for in-store personalisation. This laser technology offers the fastest method for cat and dog tag engraving. We recommend using a CO2 laser source for anodised aluminium medals, or a Fiber source for both anodised aluminium and stainless steel cat and dog tag engraving. 

Make it easy to personalise pet tags by using our G-Eye camera! Our accessory allows you to preview the engraving and place it accurately where you want on the pet tag quickly no matter the shape and the engraving space.

Our LS100 laser cat and dog tag engraving machine features a wide marking area to engrave up to 100 pet tags simultaneously, making it a perfect solution for e-commerce or any batch personalisation.

We recommend the LS100 laser machine for anodised aluminium cat & dog tag customisation.

Pet tags engraved with rotary engraving machine

Pet tag engraving: our complete solution

Engraving machine, software and consumables

Gravotech provides a comprehensive pet tag customization offer:

  • Pet tag engraving machines
  • Engraving software
  • Blank tags, medals and coloring products

With a high return on investment, you can recover your costs in less than 6 months by engraving 1000 medals, averaging to 5 medals per day.

Our engraving software Gravostyle 9 features pre-registered shapes to facilitate the positioning of engravings, particularly useful for laser engraving.

Our machines allow you to diversify your activities by engraving other items such as mailbox tags, identification tags, or personalized items like pens and gifts without any additional investment.

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Wide range of consumables

Gravotech - Pet tag engraving machine

Blank medals & tags

We offer a diverse selection of shock-resistant blank tags and medals compatible with both our laser and rotary engraving machines, including:

  • Various shapes: round, heart, bone, kennel…
  • Various colors: blue, red, green, yellow, gray…
  • Various materials: anodized aluminium, brass and stainless steel.

We highly recommend stainless steel tags for hunting dogs due to their exceptional durability. For a touch of color and a good price-quality ratio, we recommend anodized aluminum. For an indoor and/or outdoor pet, our gold and silver-plated brass medals are ideal.

Discover the complete range of blank medal & tags
Personalised pet tag with gilding wax

Additional consumables

In addition to our pet tag engraving machines, software, and blank medals and tags, we provide engravers with colouring products such as gilding wax and colored waxes. It enables you to enhance cat and dog tag customisation further, changing an uncoloured engraving (like for stainless steel tags engraved with a rotary machine) into coloured engraving.

For rotary machines, we also offer a wide range of cutters and diamond tools, as well as engraving gel to prolong the life of your tools.

For CO2 laser machines, we offer Metal Marker G, an oxidiser that produces black laser markings on stainless steel.

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