Laser Sign maker / engraver : how to diversify your laser machine use?

Discover other applications such as product identification & personalization, and utilize the full potential of your laser sign engraving machine!

Do you have a laser cutting and engraving machine and want to expand your engraving business by adding signage services? We'd love to hear from you! By diversifying your uses, you can broaden your services and increase your sales by offering new products in the signage field and by targeting a new market segment, such as industrial parts marking or product personalization.

Acrylics - Laser engraving material - Gravograph

What your laser machine can do

When it comes to signage, a laser machine can offer you a host of possibilities. You can offer:

  • nameplates for mailboxes and apartment numbers in multifamily housing;
  • door signs, room numbers and wayfinding signs  in hotels;
  • standard nameplates for emergency exits or fire-fighting equipment but also to identify piping or electrical circuits;
  • UV and weather-resistant labels  for outdoor use;
  • cutting of large letters and signs, ink stamps, trophy, plaques and medals

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メタルマーカーG - IDプレート

Identification of industrial parts

Industrial signage goes in an area where productivity is important, your laser sign engraving machine is fully capable of producing batches. You may also be interested in industrial identification applications. With a CO2 laser table, it's entirely possible to offer engraved identification labels to expand your market, even in stainless steel, thanks to certain coloring products to be applied before engraving (such as Metal Marker G).

As a sign laser maker you can mark, for example:

  • industrial identification plates (serial numbers, machine characteristics, etc.);
  • CE marking supports;
  • industrial synoptics;
  • or even front panels of electronic control units
Customized lipstick with name

The opportunity of product personalization

With a laser sign engraving machine, you can also consider personalizing products. Personalized gifts with a custom inscription are all the rage these days. As a real added value for customers, personalization enables products to be resold at 4 to 5 times their retail price.

If you're resourceful, this is an excellent opportunity to reach both a private and professional audience with:

  • products engraved with the recipient's name or marked for a specific event (photo frames, personalized jewelry);
  • a range of products made from wood, notably bamboo (key-rings, pens, water bottles, etc.), acrylic or paper (bookmarks, etc.)
  • Products can be created in small series, and sold both online and in physical stores.

With a laser cutting and engraving machine, you can also develop a range of cut-out gifts and models in wood or acrylic. Numerous free patterns are available on the internet to get you started. Objects cut into custom shapes are often more attractive than personalized everyday objects.

Discover our eBook dedicated to engraving personalized products.

Small signage made with acrylic engraving machine

Create custom products using acrylic materials

Laser sign engraving machines can be used to create communication media in paper, for example (business cards, greeting cards), but also in acrylic. This opens up interesting perspectives and creative possibilities. On acrylic, for example, with a UV printer, it's possible to print the media before laser-cutting them.

This makes it possible to produce advertising media such as flyer displays, small table-top displays in hotels/restaurants, small labels with QR codes for menus, or anti-covid barriers.

See our full range of acrylic materials in our online catalog.

With a laser engraving machine, you have numerous possibilities for diversifying your laser sign maker activities and finding new markets of opportunity. The question then arises of which material to use for your new applications.

Do you have a project to diversify your engraving business and would like to discuss it with our experts?
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