Metal Marker G

Black marking solution
Metal Marker G, easy-to-use laser black marking solution for metal
Economical solution, safe to use. Metal Marker G is the best ready-to-use solution for metal black laser marking

The best cost saving solution on the Market

Metal Marker G has been designed to reduce product consumption. When similar spray technology products waste up to 65% material in the air, our solution offers a coverage power per gram 10 times more efficient.

A safe application

This black laser marking is applied locally without spreading the product in the air: it is not necessary to wear a mask during the process.
Moreover, its sealed bottle guarantees an easy storage and a long lifetime (1 year) even after several uses.

A black marking on metal

The Metal Marker G is a metal black laser marking product for CO2 laser engravers.It allows a black marking on aluminium, brass, mild or stainless steel, magnesium and copper. Resistant to UVs and chemical products, this unique colouring solution becomes your essential to create a durable black marking on metal with your CO2 laser engraver.

Metal Marker G: Benefits

Metal Marker G, our black laser marking solution is sold in a 46ml (1.56oz) applicator bottle, which represents 0.9m² of coverage. This represents more than 30% more surface area covered compared to products using a spray system.

Thanks to its sealed applicator bottle, the black laser marking can be stored for up to a year even after the first use.

Unlike aerosol products, it is not necessary to wear a protective mask.
The liquid form of the Metal marker G ensures a non-volatile application reducing the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) to the simple wearing of gloves.


Usage advice for black laser marking :

The application of Metal Marker G can be done directly on the bed of your CO2 laser engraver, so the air exhaust of the machine can considerably reduce the drying time required before the black laser marking.

Metal Marker G: Capacity

46mL (i.e. 0.9m²)

Metal Marker G: Part Number

Ref. 86424