Direct Part marking of a car frame

Aluminium engraving and permanent marking

Discover all the aluminium engraving possibilities and choose the laser or rotary machine best suited to your needs!

Aluminium is widely used in industry for its lightweight, its durability and its high corrosion resistance. Aluminium alloys have been developed for decades to meet industry requirements, and they are nowadays indispensable for all markets including the automotive industry, aircraft and aerospace, building & constructions, electronic and many more.

This versatile material can be processed in many ways: casting, extrusion, forging, sheet & foil and offers endless design possibilities. Gravotech can follow you throughout your projects and provide laser and mechanical solutions perfectly adapted for this soft material. You can use our solutions to mark, engrave, cut, modify & personalise your parts.

Gravotech has a great deal of experience on aluminium engraving and can provide the best solution depending on your application:

  • Permanent and high-contrasted marking on all kind of aluminium: raw, aluminium alloy, coated or painted aluminium.
  • Marking, etching and engraving of serial numbers, 1D /2D codes, QR codes and logos directly on your parts.
  • Compact, autonomous, and extra fast marking laser & dot peen machines for identification & traceability of your parts directly in your production line.
  • Aesthetic deep engraving with our engraving laser and mechanical machine.
  • Create your objects like machine front panels with our mechanical solutions allowing to cut, drill, engrave on aluminium.
  • Personalise aluminium object directly in shops with our compact laser and mechanical engraving machines. Mugs, pet tags, mobile phones casing, all aluminium shapes can be engraved.

Aluminium engraving: laser or rotary technology?

Wrench Permanent laser marking

With our lasers you can either laser etch aluminium or laser engraving aluminium: Our aluminium laser engraving machines provide a high-contrasted, permanent marking at a very short cycle time on the surface of the aluminium.

Thanks to the combination of high average power and high peak power, our Fiber laser and Hybrid laser are adapted to texture the surface of the aluminium part. Galvo Laser can be used to have a deep engraving on aluminium material. We can obtain localised thermal vaporisation of the material quickly as the melting point of aluminium is low compare to other metals. You just have to repeat several passes to remove several layers and reach the desired engraving depths.

Additional settings like the vector filling angle can be modified between each pass to obtain smooth surfaces and a perfect marking rendering with cleaning and finishing passes can be added to remove melt ejections & obtain a higher contrast. Benefits of laser technology on aluminium :

  • Can be used on different types of aluminium.
  • Grey surface markings when short cycle time is needed.
  • Deep engraving easily achievable into the aluminium.
  • Galvo laser can be used to modify the surface finish of a part.
  • Aluminium laser engraving is permanent and resistant to high temperatures, coating and surface treatments such as shot blasting.


See our aluminium laser engraving machines.

CE plaque - aluminum engraving

Gravotech offers 2 mechanical technologies for engraving texts, numbers and Datamatrix codes at a very high speed on aluminium: Dot peen marking machines allows a visible, high-speed and direct part marking that ensuring full & tamperproof traceability of your parts. We provide a full range of stylus to be able to realise a light to deep engraving, mark from flat to uneven surface Scribing marking machines allow precise, deep and silent engraving. The stylus penetrates the material and then, moved from X to Y marks, it scribes the surface of the part and performs the marking.

Benefits of dot peen/scribing on aluminium:

  • The clean solution, no precautions for use: no dust, no fumes.
  • Consistent marking regardless of the type of aluminium.
  • Best marking depth/cycle time ratio among all possible marking solutions on the market.
  • Marking depth up to 0.5 mm.
  • Long lifespan on the tool because aluminium is very soft.
  • The lowest total cost of ownership operating cost on the market.
  • A very robust machine that can mark on aluminium with a very high temperature, both after rolling and after extrusion.
Personalized items with rotary engraving machine

Aluminium engraving with rotary engraving machine is a very simple solution to install and use. Our Engraving Stations are great for personalization on aluminium products or small unit work. Our CNC Stations provide large format aluminium engraving and cutting for both unit work but also batch engraving and cutting on a single aluminium sheet.

Benefits of Rotary on aluminium:

  • A wide range of tools available so you can engrave or cut, whatever the project.
  • Compact: Small rotary engravers have a very small footprint and do not require any additional equipment. They are therefore ideal for environments where space is at a premium, such as shops, counters, shopping centre corners and so on.
  • Precise control of the engraving depth.
  • Cuts faster than laser with clean straight edges.
  • Tried and tested technology used worldwide.

Gravotech aluminium engraving machines

Gravotech’s dot peen marking machine and scribing solutions offer non-contrasted, visible and deep marking obtained by making close impacts on the surface of several type steel. Rotary engravers are ideal for aluminium personalization in-shop, as they are compact, silent and very easy to use. Discover our large choice of jigs to hold any part easily.

Since inventing dot peen technology 40 years ago we have continued to innovate and the XF510P pneumatic marker takes the crown for being the smallest and fastest on the market while meeting our hig...

XF510P dot peen marking machine



The fastest pneumatic marker on the market


The master of marking Datamatrix codes, this electromagnetic dot peen marking machine builds upon our foundations with dot peen to meet the highest standards of precision.

XF510m dot peen marking machine



The electromagnetic dot peen marking machine for direct part marking


This online marking system delivers direct part marking on your parts while keeping noise to a minimum....

Front view of the XF510r machine



XF510r, scribing machine for direct part marking


Unique in the market, this industrial rotary engraver also is a powerful sign solution....

IS400 rotary metal engraving machine

IS400 – IS400 Volume


The engraving machine for flat and cylinder engraving


Fast, powerful, and precise: discover a CNC router unique in the market. The ISx000 range is designed for large format jobs to batch engraving and metal cutting.

ISx000 large format CNC engraving machine.



The large format CNC engraving machine.


As the best-selling engraving machine, the M20 can adapt to any purpose and fit any job....

M20 Custom engraving machine



Multi-purpose desktop engraving machine: from gift to plaque engraving


The Impact is a benchtop dot peen marking machine easy to configure and master. Take your business to the next level, whatever its size and expertise.

Impact marking station: dot-peen marking machine



IMPACT, industrial dot-peen marking station 


This label engraving machine and part traceability system has been a classic for more than 15 years for small part traceability, small signage and label engraving....

IS200 rotary engraving machine



IS200, label engraving machine and small part traceability system