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Rotary materials: Metallics
Gravometall™ - Engraving material
Gravometall – Gravotech (ex Gravograph)
The varnished laser brass material


  • Ideal for your ornamental plaques, your high-end indoor signage and your trophy plaques, Gravometall™ guarantees you perfect quality CO2 laser engraving (only the colour black can be used with the CO2 laser).
  • Add a protective varnish before engraving for outdoor use. There is no need for maintenance when used indoors.
  • For contrasting lettering, use Gravoxide or paint.


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Gravometall™ : benefits

  • Diamond, rotary and burnish engraving
  • Pre-polished and lacquered

Gravometall™: capabilities

Surface engraving: ✔
Subsurface engraving: ✘
CO2 laser cutting: ✘
Interior: ✔
Exterior: ✘
Shear: ✔
Saw: ✔
Silk-screen: ✔
Hot-stamp: ✘
Heat bending: ✘
Scratch resistant: ✘
Flexible: ✘
Break resistant: ✔
UV resistant: ✘

Min. temperature: -40°C (-40°F)
Max. temperature: 200°C (392°F)

Gravometall™: specifications

Finish :
Glossy - Satin

Composition :

Engraving depth :
0.1 mm (.004") - 0.3 mm (.012")

Gravometall™: Sheet sizes

Full sheet:
1220 x 305 mm (48"x12")

Half sheet :
610 x 305 mm (24"x12")

Quarter sheet :
305 x 305 mm (12"x12")

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