Honeycomb laser cutting table for LS100EX

Laser cutting bed

Laser cutting bed: A cutting support to meet your requirements
Laser cutting bed to help you with your cutting jobs and prevent damage to the part or laser engraving machine.
    Depending on your projects and the materials used, it is essential to adapt the work surface of your laser engraving machine in order to have an optimal result. Our cutting supports are necessary to guarantee the preservation of the material during your projects, during laser engraving, laser cutting or laser marking.
    For all our cutting support solutions in our laser cutting machines, the risk of burn marks is eliminated thanks to the high extraction power which offers a fast elimination of the vapors from the marked, engraved or laser cut materials.
    The supports, which are fully adjusted to your laser cutter work table, also have distinct characteristics. It is necessary that the material rests on a few points so that the laser beam can pass through the material and allow the fumes caused by the laser to be evacuated by the table's suction.

Technical specifications

In order to obtain the best possible cutting quality, it is necessary to:

  • Limit the contact points between the part to be cut and the cutting table as much as possible.
    When the laser beam passes over a contact point, it may reflect and create an impact point on the back of the part.
  • Optimize the airflow to remove dust and fumes as much as possible.
    A build-up of dust and smoke can create a flashover that can blacken the cut.
    In addition, this build-up will result in a rapid clogging of the optics, which will cause an immediate loss of power.


Our interchangeable cutting tables allow you to choose the most suitable support for your application.

Honeycomb cutting table for Gantry laser machine

Honeycomb cutting table

Laser cutter honeycomb tables provide more stability for the material because thanks to the multiple support points. They are ideal for thin products or consumable sheets. With a large surface area covering the entire engraving area, the laser cutter honeycomb support is suitable for single or mass engraving. The hollow grid shape allows the laser beam to pass through the material while evacuating the vapors in an optimal way. These laser cutter mounts are ideal for combining engraving and cutting work.

  • Stainless steel frame
  • Outstanding strength and durability
  • Marked alignment rulers for quick and accurate positioning
  • Reduced back-flash effect
  • Easily inserted and removed from laser
  • Covers the whole marking area
  • Available for LS100, LS100Ex, LS900, LS1000XP lasers
Acrylic cutting with laser cutting support

Pin table for laser cutter

For delicate materials, such as acrylic, the support should minimize back-flashes to avoid reflection marks. For this type of work, we recommend our pin table for laser cutters. With this modular support, you can arrange the supporting elements (pins and layout) yourself so that it perfectly meets the needs of your project. This cutting table is particularly suitable for the creation of parts intended for the realization of models or model making.

    ● Reduced backflash effect
    ● Quick and easy assembly
    ● Removable pins
    ● Suitable for XY laser cutting machines

Removable blades for laser cutting tables

Laser cutting slats

Our laser cutting slats ensures a low number of contact points with the workpiece, and is covered with a black anodized coating to prevent discoloration of the underside of the material due to laser back-flash.

This laser cutting support is suitable for rigid and bulky materials.
The cut parts and scraps fall into a collecting tray and can easily be recovered at the end of the engraving process.
Using the various slots in the machine, add or remove blades depending on the size of the part.
The slats are positioned in the machine at a 6° angle to avoid a straight cut following a blade.

  • Easy to install
  • Adaptable to any part size
  • Easy ventilation of fumes and particles
  • Waste collection tray for scraps
  • Compatible only with our LS1000 XP laser cutting machine

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