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Laser exhaust system

Laser exhaust system: clean, pure and safe.
Laser fume extractors guarantee clean and safe work in industrial environment. Their role is to suck up dusts, gases and filter out smells produced during machining. Laser exhaust systems are mandatory for marking, engraving and cutting harmful materials.
  • Accurate
    Without a suitable laser fume extractor, particles will settle between the laser and the engraved items. This phenomenon affects the laser beam and impacts the engraving accuracy. Our laser exhaust system keeps your laser cutter and marker clean and maintains accuracy levels to ensure excellent engraving day after day.
  • Easy-maintenance
    Our laser exhaust systems are designed to optimise access and facilitate maintenance operations. Gravotech’s laser fume extractors, equipped with washable pre-filters, separate HEPA filters, rechargeable carbon cartridges and brushless motors ( = asynchronous), are cost-effective solutions.
  • User-friendly and ecological
    All systems in the range comply with international health and safety legislation and RoHS standards. All contaminants are secured in disposable filters. Only clean and pure air is re-injected into the workshop, ensuring premium comfort for the user.

Technical Specifications

These laser exhaust systems are available for our entire range of laser engravers. This laser accessory is delivered with its mandatory certificate of conformity, especially for public places and schools.

In order to protect the operators and the laser engraver itself, Gravotech offers a comprehensive range of smoke and particle extractors adapted to your application:

  • Designed for the application of laser marking: the air flow/size/noise ratio is optimised for this work
  • Perfect protection regardless of the material being marked
  • Reliable and economic components (equipped with pre-filters and brushless engines, etc)
  • Easy to use: alerts when the replacement of filters is required, input/output control


Models: LE120HP / LE140HP LE150HP LNI900 LE190HP ES Mini ES10 ES30 ES50
Compatibility LS100 LS100Ex LS900 LS1000xp WeLase Full range Full range Full range
Dimensions (lxpxh) 700x644x730 mm (27,559 x 25,354 x 28,74 in) 970x730x700 mm (38,189 x 28,74 x 27,559 in) - 850x825x520 mm (33,465 x 32,48 x 20,472 in) 286x291x336 mm (11.260 x 11.457 x 13.228 in) 350x470x580 mm (13,78 x 18,504 x 22,835 in) 350x470x700 mm (13,78 x 18,504 x 27,559 in) 500x500x1180 mm (19,685 x 19,685 x 46,457 in)
Net weight 69 kg / 80 kg 106 kg 160 kg 140 kg  14 kg 40 kg 56 kg 97 kg
Max. air flow rate 400 m³/h 400 m³/h 240 m³/h 700 m³/h 190 - 220 m3/h 200 m³/h 360 m³/h 500 m³/h
Max. static pressure 10 kPA 10 kPA 22 kPA 10 kPA 3 kPA 4 kPa 9 kPA 10 kPA
Activated carbon (L) 20 / 40 40 42 40 - 13 30 30
Power 1100 W 1100 W 1100 W 2800 W 205 W 205 W 1100 W 1250 W
Motor speed control Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes

Safe & profitable

Filters and carbon brushes can be changed without tools and an alarm warns when it is necessary to do so. The use of a laser fume extractor extends the lifespan of a laser marker.

LE Range – Exhaust systems for laser tables

LE range

Compact and mobile laser exhaust systems designed to also support your CO2 and fibre laser marker.

For standard use in laser marking and engraving for plastic or wood
Compatible with our LS100.

For engraving and laser cutting of products that emit harmful fumes such as stamp boards, wood and acrylic cutting
Compatible with our LS100Ex.

Suitable for intensive use of a laser cutter or engraver, for products that generate a lot of particles and harmful fumes
Compatible with our LS900.

Air extractor designed to extract harmful fumes and eliminate unpleasant smells when engraving products such as stamps or acrylic.
Our largest available laser fume extractor, with a maximum air flow of 700m/h.
Compatible with our LS1000XP.

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ES Range – Exhaust systems for laser engraving

ES Range

Mobile and independent filter exhausts compatible with our entire range of laser markers.

ES Mini
This unit is sized for small galvo laser marking compartments with relatively light particulate loads.
WeLase dedicated exhaust system.

This laser exhaust system is the second most compact in the range. Ideal for engraving on glass, stone, wood, plastic etc.

Compact laser fume extractor with speed control system. Ideal for applications that generate smells and harmful fumes such as engraving and cutting stamps, foam, leather, acrylic.

Perfect for cutting and engraving materials emanating a high level of smells, fumes or dust.

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