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Rotary and laser engraving on anodised aluminium

Whether you are using anodised aluminum for signage, industry or gifts, we have the right engraving technology for you.

Anodised aluminium is aluminium doped with a layer that is resistant to corrosion. The anodised layer is produced by immersing the aluminium in an acidic electrolyte bath coupled with an electric current called passivation or anodising. The result is a thin layer of aluminium oxide that makes the metal resistant to chipping or peeling, food-safe, non-toxic and rust-resistant. In addition to giving aluminium better resistance to UV light and corrosion, an anodised layer has a naturally porous surface which is particularly receptive to dyes.

This is why there are many blue, black and red anodised aluminium colours. Anodised aluminium is one of the easiest metals to mark and is widely used in various industrial sectors such as aeronautics or automotive, but it can also be found in the electrical components of most household appliances and electrical systems.

There is also a new trend of personalizing items thanks to anodized aluminium engraving to make items more unique, give a message, express a feeling or simply make them prettier, such as thermos and bottles, knife handle, pet tags, telephone cases, computer and tablet casing and more. Anodized aluminium naturally gives a very high contrast when lazed, with no need to add a chemical additive afterwards, which is very interesting for these applications. Main sectors:

  • Promotional items and gifts.
  • Automotive & Aeronautics.
  • Electronics.
  • Tools.
  • Treatment of metal sheets for the removal of the anodised layer.
  • Identification plates.

Gravotech has extensive experience in anodised aluminium engraving and brings its expertise to help you find the best engraving solution adapted to your needs. We provide two technologies for marking and engraving your anodised aluminium parts and products :

  • Laser marking.
  • Mechanics marking (dot peen technology and rotary).

Choose the right anodised aluminum engraving machine

Laser engraving - anodized aluminum plaque

Laser marking on anodised aluminium is a process well known for its ability to remove the anodising layer from the aluminium part.

The result is a strong contrast between the mark generated by the laser and the colour of the anodised aluminium.

Characteristics of laser marking process: Laser marking allows fast and efficient marking even in harsh environments with high temperatures, exposure to UV rays, and also permits the material properties such as corrosion resistance to be maintained. Laser engraving on anodised aluminium creates a strong contrast between the colour of the anodised aluminium and the marking. Moreover, the laser beam is very precise and thin (0.1mm or 0.003 inches) which allow marking of detailed logos, very small characters and practically any shape.

The durability of the marking over time is particularly important in those sectors where it is desired to set up a traceability system for industrial parts or in the personalisation sector where providing items such as engraved gifts that do not deteriorate is a sign of quality.

See our laser engraving machine for anodised aluminum.

CE Plaque anodized aluminum engraving

With dot peen marking machines you don’t have to worry about adapting to the material.

The marking results are constant, regardless of the type of aluminium. Dot peen technology offers high quality, legible and permanent marking. Dot peen marking is one of the most versatile technologies because it is possible to mark very fine markings but also to make deep markings according to your requirements.

Characteristics of dot peen marking on anodised aluminium: you can obtain a permanent marking with a depth of 0.1mm minimum in a few seconds. Moreover, this technology does not heat the material and does not create any breaking point in the material, whatever its thickness. The initial cost and operating cost are lower with this technology.

Pet tags engraved with rotary engraving machine

The material is removed using cutting tools, “engraving cutters” of various sizes and shapes. The rotary engraving machine is scribing the part by dragging a diamond on its surface. Therefore, the coloured layer is removed to make the rough aluminium appear, the contrast is not as strong as a lazed one but according to the layer colour, it can still be very strong.

This technology also brings out the anodisation of the aluminium. The engraving is very aesthetic and perfectly suited to pet tags or gift engraving.

Characteristic of mechanical engraving on anodised aluminium: no need for a spindle and a cutting tool, a diamond dragging solution is enough precise and silent technology. It’s a clean solution: no chip generated so no need for chip collector, no smoke generated so no need for fume exhaust. Very simple and cost-effective solution.

Our anodised aluminium engraving machines

Discover our range of lasers suitable for marking anodized aluminium! Anodized aluminium can be marked perfectly and quickly with our laser engraving machine for anodized aluminium.Discover our range of lasers suitable for marking anodized aluminium! Anodized aluminium can be marked perfectly and quickly with our laser engraving machine for anodized aluminium.

Our powerful and high-quality Fibre Laser marker performs precise identification markings in short cycle times....

Fiber serie Laser marking system

FIBER laser


Laser marker for metal and plastic parts


The most complete laser station for permanent marking. From unit to small batch production to integration in a robotic cell. Compatible with Fibre, Hybrid or Green laser source.

Front view of LW2 industrial laser engraver



Fully automated laser station


Introducing the magic of laser engraving to your business. The Welase achieves personalisation of the highest quality in a matter of seconds and raises your customers curiosity.

WeLase compact laser engraver



Desktop laser engraver for gift engraving and part marking


The LS100 is an easy to operate laser engraver and laser cutter to mark and cut a wide range of materials....

LS100 CO2 laser engraver



CO2 laser engraver and laser cutter for signage and personalisation


The LS900 industrial laser engraver, coming as CO2, Fibre or Edge (dual sources), is ideal for high speed marking and cutting of medium and large format media.

LS900 co2 fiber laser



The large laser cutter and laser engraver


The 1064 nm HYBRID laser marker is a high speed laser perfect for applications requiring a great versatility in terms of marking materials, from plastics to any kind of metals.

Hybrid laser - integrated laser

HYBRID laser


HYBRID laser, versatile laser marker for plastic engraving and metal engraving


GREEN laser marker is designed for complex and cold markings on materials not reactive to other wavelengths....

Green laser - integrated laser

GREEN laser


GREEN laser, high speed laser for micro marking, reflective material marking and sensitive plastic marking


The CO2 laser marker is perfectly suited for organic materials permanent marking....

CO2 Laser - integrated laser

CO2 laser


CO2 laser, High-speed laser marker for identification marking on organic materials and coated surfaces


The LS100EX laser etching machine is a medium-sized engraving and cutting laser. Its engraving area matches the size of ¼ sheet, making it the ideal sign solution....

LS100Ex co2 laser marking machine

LS100 EX


LS100 EX, laser etching machine for signage and small series


    Rotary engraving machines are ideal for anodized aluminium engraving in-shop, as they are compact, silent and very easy to use. Discover our large choice of jigs to hold any part easily. Gravotech’s dot peen marking machines offer non-contrasted, clear and precise marking obtained by making close impacts on the surface.