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Tool identification and traceability solutions

Small items and tools traceability solutions for manufacturers. Discover various technology options, from laser to dot-peen marking.

Metal tools are subject to intensive use throughout their life cycle, which means that marking must be carried out in such a way as to withstand the harsh working environment in which they are used. These tools have a value, which you want to protect. As a supplier of tools and equipment, you need to guarantee the highest quality, while complying with current identification standards. There are several challenges for the identification of tools and equipment:

  • Management of the tool park
  • Simplification of inventories: Tool traceability management systems have become an essential tool for tool park inventory organisations. Indeed, in industrial companies equipped with a production or assembly workshop, there are hundreds of tools per shift, per operator, which can, unfortunately, be misplaced. A good marked tool is a traced tool.
  • Monitoring and management of tool maintenance : Tools are very often brought in for repair, re -sharpening or replacement. A good tool identification allows a continuous follow -up of the maintenance of the tools but also to set up preventive maintenance of the tools. Thanks to the identification of tools you can know when it has been repaired, resharpened and thus plan a future repair. It’s good management of repair flows 
  • Reducing expenses / Avoiding tool theft: Tools have a significant cost and the loss of a tool can result in unexpected expenses. Tool identification helps to avoid loss or theft of tools. Each tool can be carefully identified with the name of the operator to whom it belongs. Our marking systems help to reduce expenses against theft, loss and damage.
  • Checking of tools before and after use: Good implementation of a tool traceability system allows a complete follow -up of their use and return. A lost or forgotten tool can quickly become a problem that the permanent identification of your tools can quickly solve

For all these reasons, you need to continuously identify your tools and equipment so that you can trace them throughout their life cycle. It is a question of quality, efficiency, cost reduction and compliance with standards.

Do you need a versatile solution for every shape and material?

Aware that the implementation of a tool and equipment traceability system is an important issue for these manufacturers and that it represents an investment, Gravotech supplies turnkey marking stations using different technologies for small and medium series marking with controlled costs. You will mark everything, in batches or individually, with our powerful and very easy to use solutions. With them, you can mark any date, brand, logo, serial number, identifier, or special code directly and permanently on your equipment, in text or 2D coded format.

Wrenches industrial marking solutions

Wrench marking for identification

  • A solution for medium to low quantities
  • A versatile solution for every, shape and size
  • Easy to use, safe for the operator
  • Available in various languages (display and marking)
  • Fight the thieves and avoid the loss of tools
  • Clear and direct tool identifying, without any damage


See our tool identification machines.

Laser station and Dot peen engraving machine

Benchtop dot peen marking machines: This all-in-one multi-purpose dot peen machine is ideal for low to medium volume production, the marking solution with the best compromise between cycle time, depth and budget. It is perfectly adapted to mark a durable alphanumerical text on little tools. With the motorized Z-axis, equipped with a sensing electromagnetic marking stylus, it allows automatic part height detection and fine-tuning of the marking force, for the best result, every time.

Laser station: Designed to boost productivity and maximise return on investment, the LW2 Touch is the laser marking station for all industrial applications, identification, and traceability, from unit marking to high pace production. Benefit from a complete, productive workstation that is adaptable to your applications and all circumstances. Versatile, equipped with a panel of options, accessories and laser sources to adapt to your materials and applications.

Identification of tools with datamatrix marking


Our machines can automatically generate the marking data. Our software will help you implement full traceability. NO specific training is required for your employees -


Switch from a labelling solution to a direct part marking solution No consumables, lower cost of ownership, better readability over time.


Our stations offer options (3D stylus & 3D module) to mark parts of various shapes Our accessory Rotary Device allow you to mark cylindrical parts Our complete range of mechanical and laser solutions will cover all type of material: metals and plastics

Drill bits industrial marking solution

Drill bits marking for traceability

  • A solution adapted to your production cadency
  • A solution adapted to the materials and characteristics of your mechanical parts
  • Productivity
  • Easy to use solution, accessible to your operators without specific training
  • Safe process
  • Clearly and directly identify each tool without damaging it


See our laser marking machines.


Rotary device use for laser marking

Laser station + Rotary Device - Laser station LW2 is the most appropriate solution as the laser marking can be done on the hardest material used for drill bits. We can have great contrast on carbide and High-Speed Steels without damaging the material.

On titanium coating, we can obtain a surface black marking that does not remove this protective coating. Also, we can add in the laser station a rotary device specially designed to mark on any cylinder.

Marking tools for identification


Our machines can automatically generate the marking data. Our software will help you implement full traceability. NO specific training is required for your employees.


Switch from a labelling solution to a direct part marking solution. No consumables, lower cost of ownership.


Our stations offer options (3D stylus & 3D module) to mark parts of various shapes.Our accessory Rotary Device will allow marking cylindrical parts. Our complete range of mechanical and laser solutions will cover all type of material: metals and plastic.

Discover Gravotech identification marking machines

Laser marking stations can be used to mark all your components regardless of the material. The workspace is optimized to identify, in a series of by unit, without cluttering your environment. Our stations are compatible with all our laser technologies.

Our powerful and high-quality Fibre Laser marker performs precise identification markings in short cycle times....

Fiber serie Laser marking system

FIBER laser


Laser marker for metal and plastic parts


The most complete laser station for permanent marking. From unit to small batch production to integration in a robotic cell. Compatible with Fibre, Hybrid or Green laser source.

Front view of LW2 industrial laser engraver



Fully automated laser station


Introducing the magic of laser engraving to your business. The Welase achieves personalisation of the highest quality in a matter of seconds and raises your customers curiosity.

WeLase compact laser engraver



Desktop laser engraver for gift engraving and part marking


The 1064 nm HYBRID laser marker is a high speed laser perfect for applications requiring a great versatility in terms of marking materials, from plastics to any kind of metals.

Hybrid laser - integrated laser

HYBRID laser


HYBRID laser, versatile laser marker for plastic engraving and metal engraving


The CO2 laser marker is perfectly suited for organic materials permanent marking....

CO2 Laser - integrated laser

CO2 laser


CO2 laser, High-speed laser marker for identification marking on organic materials and coated surfaces


GREEN laser marker is designed for complex and cold markings on materials not reactive to other wavelengths....

Green laser - integrated laser

GREEN laser


GREEN laser, high speed laser for micro marking, reflective material marking and sensitive plastic marking


    Perform long-lasting and forgery-proof markings with speed and precision! The dot peen marking machines are capable of marking metal workpieces and plastic; they will fit easily into your workspace.

    Lasertrace ™ facilitates the traceability and identification of your tools. Our software integrates perfectly into your databases to guarantee a complete follow-up of your tools.