Gravotech - Funeral engraving machine

Tombstone, headstone and urn engraving

Easily engrave and personalise any funeral support with Gravotech laser and rotary machines. Engrave texts, pictures, symbols and more.

Made to last, to decorate and personalise, engraving is used daily by funeral directors. The engraving contains information relating to the identity of the deceased person and it is possible to add a personalized message, photo or logos. Memorial plaque engraving machines can be mechanical or gantry laser. They can both engrave text, logos, ornaments or photos on memorial plaques and urn labels, or on the stone itself. The possibility to add colours on your engraving will make it more unique.

Gravotech machines and software will perfectly answer your needs for funeral engraving, and will also engrave on “new” materials such as wood, leather or acrylic.

  • Urns labels
  • Coffin plates
  • Memorial plates

Discover Gravotech's funeral engraving machines

M20 – M40: Compact and easy to use, this is the perfect technology for an equally perfect result on your coffin plates, memorial plaques or urns labels IM3: a manual machine ideal for engraving thanks to its small footprint and its manoeuvrability

Our software includes fonts and logos specially developed for funeral applications such as a custom headstone. ABC: Compatible with mechanical machines. Simply choose your text, logo, and engrave it. Ideal for newcomers to the engraving world. Gravostyle: Compatible with mechanical and Laser machines Advanced functions such as photo engraving, logo editing, handwriting. Exploit the full capacities of your engraving machine.

Gravotech offers a large range of funeral plates, urns labels, memorial plaques, etc. Do you need a specific shape? You can order plates cut to your needs.

    Choose the right urn and tombstone engraving tool

    Funeral plaques customized with M20

    Investing in a headstone engraving machine will ensure you to always deliver on time. No more subcontracting. You will quickly save money.

    Gravotech offer a wide range of laser and rotary machines to suit all needs. Do you simply need to create small inserts and wish an easy-to-use engraving machine? Choose the IM3 manual engraver for a high return on investment.

    Discover our tombstone and urn engraving machines.

    Accesories : compact chip collector

    Gravotech offers a large range of engravable plates, urns labels or memorial plates. The chips collector will ensure you a clean workspace on your mechanical machines. The air exhaust filters the smoke and the smell of the Laser.

    You can also add colours to your engraving.

    Photo engraving

    Your photos will be perfectly engraved thanks to Gravotech software presets, photo editing module and the high-resolution of our gantry Laser.