Engraving Source Book V6

The new Gravotech catalog has arrived!

Rediscover the reference catalog for engraving and cutting

Engraving Source Book V6.0

The year 2023 is the opportunity for Gravotech to renew its Engraving Consumables catalog. Through a new look more modern and more intuitive, Gravotech offers you a real tool for engraving.

Many changes and improvements have been included to provide updated, reliable, complete and professional information about the products.

Engraving Source Book V6 - Editorial pages

Are you a beginner in engraving or cutting, laser or rotary?

Discover what a Gravotech engraving material is, taking a look at this new explanation!

Engraving source book V6 - material services

Discover our services related to engraving material:

  • Cut-to-Size is our custom fabrication service. Save time and money by asking us for your pre-cut formats in a wide range of options (bevelling edges, drilling, rounded corners, adhesive backing...)
  • Custom material on demand: if you don't find what you need among our materials offer, we can provide you a custom material. Colors, thicknesses, finishes and number of layers can be customized to suit your specifications.
Engraving Source Book V6 - Communication tools pages

Discover our new sales tools:

Physical tools such as printed catalogs, posters and "Swatchy", our engraving materials samples or digital tools such as e-catalogs and datasheets.


Take a look at our YouTube playlists and videos to learn more about our engraving materials, engraving supplies and more!

Engraving Source Book V6

Gravotech engraving materials

The engraving materials are classified by technology of use: Laser engraving or Rotary engraving.
This simplifies the understanding and choice of an engraving material.

The color tables have been redesigned to improve readability and provide a preview of the engraved text when the material allows it.

A technical illustration is placed in the center of the page to illustrate the composition, finishing and depth of engraving.

Also, a new block concerning the applications is created at the bottom of the page to illustrate each of them.

Tips have been added on some pages to propose complementary products and QR codes redirect to selected videos.

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Engraving Source Book V6 - Enravables pages

Engraving supplies & Engravables

In order to improve the readability and understanding of the products, new pictures have been taken and videos are available for some key products.

The key products are clearly highlighted with a grey background. This helps you easily recognize the best sellers.

See our engraving supplies and engravables pages
Engraving Source Book V6 - Cutters pages

Cutters & inserts

For users of rotary machines, the tool ranges have been restructured to be presented by shape and application.

On page 100, a guide will help you to find the right range and the right tool shape that corresponds to both your machine and your application (engraving, cutting, drilling, dragging, ...)

Also, most of the tools are now illustrated with a picture.

See our new tools pages
Engraving Source Book V6 - Machine Accessories pages

Machines accessories & Auxiliaries

The list of jigs and regulating noses is now representative of the whole range of Gravotech accessories for rotary machines.

Moreover, the complete range of spindles is now presented in the catalog.

Concerning the auxiliary machines, their spare parts such as saw blades or collets for the CG30 sharpener have been added in order to facilitate their replacement.

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