Gravotech rotary engraving machine

M20, multi-purpose desktop engraving machine: from gift to plaque engraving

As the best-selling engraving machine, the M20 can adapt to any purpose and fit any job. Small and lightweight, you can find a place for the M20 in every shop, workshop and even take it on a promotion tour.
  • Easy-to-use
    Engraving has never been easier thanks to the M20 desktop engraving machine: Bluetooth, simple control panel, multiple positioning vices, open design for easy parts loading, and our unique engraving assistance features. Easily switch from ring engraving to plaque engraving.
  • Strong
    This desktop engraving machine benefits from a new sturdy bridge and a stronger spindle. Created for industry, the M20 design is a guarantee of its longevity and durability; designed for customer safety and sleekness which enables it to fit in any retail store.
  • Modular
    With many accessories, any version can easily be upgraded to fit the evolution of businesses and customers' needs. The M20 is the ideal jewellery engraving machine, glass engraving machine, and badge engraving machine combined. Engrave texts, logos or photos on a wide range of materials.


Technical Specifications

Unobstructed access to the desktop engraving machine work area.

Engraving assistance

  • Surface tracking with the depth nose unit
  • Automatic detection of the object height

Positioning assistance

  • Self-centering vices
  • Positioning and simulation of the engraving (Point & Shoot)
  • Engraving preview

A wider range of tools

  • Engrave with diamonds, rotative diamonds, or cutters to turn your metal engraving machine into a glass or jewellery engraving machine
  • Rotary devices to engrave pens and the inside and outside of rings and cups
  • From our classic tools for small writing, the choice is now extended to a wider range (OneCut, TwinCut, etc.) which opens the possibilities of cutting and drilling

Connectivity to computer and tablets via Bluetooth and USB

4 configurations improvements from the old M20 desktop engraving machine version

  • New sturdy bridge design
  • Metallic parts and a new stronger spindle
  • Improved reliability of the Z-axis and the engraving head
  • Improved reliability of the engraving head


Rotary, scribing

Ideal for:
Nameplate engraving
Plaque engraving
Ring engraving
Gift engraving

Marking Capacity

Marking area max
100 mm x 100 mm
Spindle power
30 W
Max object height
100 mm

Max. object size (L x W x H) (weight)

190 (7,5 in) x 110 mm (4,3 in) or unlimited x 60 mm (2,36 in) (10 kg - 22,04 lbs)

Dimensions (L x W x H)

375 mm (14.764 in) x 350 mm (13.780 in) x 360mm (14.173 in)

Machine weight

11.9 kg (26.235 lb)

Automatic Z axis


Noise level

<70 dB

Spindle Type

Top load spindle
Hollow shaft motor

Point & shoot


Operating Temperature

min. +5°C (+ 41°F) - max. +40°C (+104 °F)

Connection to computer

USB / Bluetooth

Maximum speed

40 mm/s (1,58 in/s)

Z stroke (Z travel)

30mm (1.181 in)

Rotation speed

19800 rpm


ABC / Gravostyle / Gravotouch

Tool diameter

4,36mm (0,17 in)

The M20 is easy to use thanks to its simple control buttons

Upgrade the M20 with the Jewel pack to turn it into the perfect jewellery engraving machine and support the jeweller’s daily creations.

Thanks to the rotary device, add ring engraving to your offer and bring the final touch to your creations by personalising the inside and outside of bracelets and quickly switch to curved bangles.

With specialised cutters and diamonds, this desktop engraving machine is the perfect complement to your jewels!

A strong spindle guarantees M20’s longevity and strenght.

The M20 is the desktop engraving machine you need to create events in your shop.

The transparent cube highlights your product being engraved while ensuring total safety.

Its industrial but sleek design in a retail environment attracts the curiosity of your customers and create the buzz.

Whether as a metal engraving machine or a glass engraving machine, the M20 is a versatile engraver suitable for a wide range of materials. This is the ideal solution to adding value to your products.

The new M20 has a wide range of accessories

The M20 desktop engraving machine is available with different software that adapt to the user:

    From a catalogue of products, with all the pre-sets saved, you just need to select the object to engrave and personalise on a tactile tablet with Bluetooth and enter the text to engrave.
  • ABC
    Simple composition in 3 steps: define the composition area, enter the text and logo, select the engraving parameters and off you go.
  • GravostyleTM
    The expert engraving software with unlimited design possibilities (Photostyle, Dedicace). Turn your M20 into a badge engraving machine or use it for nameplate engraving thanks to the Matrix function.
Jewelry engraving accessories for M20 rotary engraver

M20 in jewelry

The M20 with the Jewel pack to support the jeweler’s daily creations.


Rotary device
Initially designed for the engraving of cylindrical objects, the rotary device allows the outside and inside engraving of rings in the jewellery industry.


Cutting table
Mechanical cutting required clamping, this cutting table allows you to fasten your precious metals securely during cutting, so the material is prevented from moving while the machine is working, ensuring a clean and precise cut.


Engraving gel
Engraving gel is an engraving lubricant for increased tool lifetime and smoother engraving or cutting on metals or glass.
Guaranteed odourless and non-irritating, Engraving Gel can be used in the shop without disturbing your customers’ visit.
Easy to clean, a simple dry cloth is all that is needed to remove the residue after machine work."

The M20 desktop engraving machine can engrave 20+ materials

Glass, crystal
Wood​​, varnished wood
PMMA, Acrylic
Anodized Aluminum​​
Coated metal
Gold, silver, nickel, platinum
Stainless steel​​
= Marking / Etching
= Cutting
= Engraving / Deep marking

Associated Products

M20: Gravograph historical best-seller

The M20 is our most famous engraving machines


Gravograph, our historical brand dedicated to personalization and signage, developed the iconic M20 engraver at the beginning of the 2000’s.

Gravograph’s aim was to develop a versatile machine at an affordable price. The light weight and compact dimensions of the M20 quickly made it a flagship product of Gravograph. It is particularly popular with express engravers, small and medium-sized companies and jewelers.

In 2018, The Gravograph M20 is chosen to engrave all the Golden Globes trophies thanks to its high-speed personalization capacity. A great occasion for the whole team to celebrate not only the awarded talent but also the unquestionable engraving qualities of this machine!

M20 - rotary engraving machine - Gravograph

Service & Support

We offer solutions for the installation and commissioning of your equipment that fit your settings and expectations. Do you want to be autonomous? We will provide you with our standard operating procedures with training videos available on our online support centre. Do you wish to have our technicians present alongside your teams? We visit on-site for commissioning with our experts working hand in hand with you.

Gravotech Services

Our training modules are designed to optimize your use of our solutions and are available for our full range of machines, software and accessories and are designed to fit the level and profiles of the training participants, available online, remotely, or onsite and at our training facilities. Training is a fully integrated part of the commissioning of our solutions.

Training & commissioning

All our machines are warranted 24 months for the supply of spare parts and the cost of in house labour performed at GRAVOTECH’s premises. We offer warranty extensions and additional service benefits according to your needs. Developed to fit your requirements precisely, we also offer,

  • Standard or customized service contracts
  • Global service contract
  • Software service contract
  • Preventive or curative maintenance contract.

Our local technical sales representative is available to provide you with all the necessary information.

Gravotech engraving machine warranty

We bring you local support in your language in more than 50 countries, where we have established presence directly and with our distribution partners. Each of these local teams can, in turn, get support from a regional competence centre close to our production locations and in direct link with our group international support centre based in France, in close connection to our R&D centre. This makes us efficient and reactive to your needs for assistance. With the expertise of our support, we can address 80% of your requests remotely, for a quick resolution that secures the service continuity of your operations.

Technical support

Thanks to experience gathered with Gravograph and Technifor and our global presence in more than 50 countries with 150 Gravotech technicians and our distributor partners, we can offer you a wide range of services. Developed to fit your requirements precisely, we offer standard or customized services: -

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  • Software service contract
  • Preventive or curative maintenance contract.