Jewellery creation

Jewellery engraving and design

Today, thanks to Grvaotech's latest technologies in 3D software, jewellery modelling and rapid prototyping has never been so affordable.

  Your needs... ... our solutions

3DESIGN 3D Software

Bring your ideas to life

  • Create 3D models
  • by being effective while adding value to your creativity
  • Present your projects to your clients, your teams partners using ultra-realistic models or video
  • Reduce your physical stocks while offering more choice
  • Produce precise, sellable jewellery models

With our comprehensive CADCAM software

Gravotech offers various very professional solutions. Examples are the flagship Type3, 3Design or 3Shaper solutions for the creation of your jewellery, fashion accessories or watch faces. Or TypeEdit for engraving the backs of watches, stamping or cutting tools (needles), engraving of components, etc. You will find the solution that suits you at every design and production stage for jewellery, a watch or a fashion accessory.

M10 Jewel engraving machine for rings & bangles

Personalise jewellery quickly

  • For the public
  • On stands
  • During events
  • For the promotion of services
  • To test new models

With our compact engraving machines

In the specialised mechanical engraving range from Gravograph, the M10 Jewel and the M20 Jewel are both indicated for fast and successful personalisation tasks.

Jewellers also make use of the RingCube, an independent solution for the inscription of rings and bracelets.

Want to test something else? The laser engraving machines from Gravograph and Technifor are popular for fine, deep or relief inscriptions.

Engraved rings

Adapt to all morphologies

  • For set or assymetrical rings
  • For bracelets
  • Inside or outside jewellery
  • On circular or flat surfaces

With our jewellery maintenance accessories

Gravograph's solutions are modular thanks to our varied range of soft jaws suitable for all types of jewellery. A specific object? Our customisation department will create a special jig for you.


Our clients in this market:
  • Jewellery creators and manufacturers
  • Watch-makers
  • Designers (jewellery and fashion accessories, etc)
  • Luxury boutiques, jewellers and jewellery shops
  • Pop-up shops
  • Watch-making sub-contractors
  • Design offices
  • Jewellery and design schools
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